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  Let's Face it, there's not much you can do as a Parent until your child is properly motivated. No Parenting technique, approach, talk, or change on your part will work until your child is motivated to listen to and follow your directions. Most children don't lack the ability to obey their parents or follow rules, they simply lack the motivation to do so. The Home Intervention System was developed by administrators of schools and programs for struggling youth and has been adapted for home use. The Home Intervention System shows you how to motivate your teen to make changes just like they do in these schools and programs. The System utilizes a simple but powerful Attitude and Behavior Modification Program.

The Key Components of the Home Intervention System are:

- Personal Parenting Coach

- Behavior Modification Software

- Video Parenting Course

  Most other parenting programs are one dimentional in the fact that they present the information and expect you to take on the most difficult aspect of creating change, IMPLEMENTATION! However, the Home Intervention System presents you with the information you need in our Video Parenting Course and then we take it two steps further. We give you the software that helps you implement these ideas and techniques. The software keeps track of everything and will keep you and your child on a consistent, steady course which is crucial for changing behavior. But we don't just stop there. We actually assign a Personal Parenting Coach to each parent. These coaches are highly qualified and motivated individuals with years of experience helping families.

What we're most proud of is that we've found a way to make a quality Home Intervention System affordable for any family.

Read about the success that Parents are having with the Home Intervention System!

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Personal Parenting Coach

  The Personal Parenting Coach is one element of the Home Intervention System that sets it apart from other parenting programs. We are not only going to give you the information you need through the Video Parenting Course, we're going to assign a Personal Parenting Coach to work directly with you as you implement this attitude and behavior modification program. Amazingly, we are able to offer this service for less then other parenting systems that expect you to implement their ideas by yourself.

Behavior Modification Software

  This software is extremely effective at helping maintain consistency and direction as you go through the process of changing your child's attitude and behavior. While the Program can be operated without the software, this software really enhances the overall progress and many children actually enjoy the automation it creates. Again, we not only give you the information you need but we are providing you with tools to help implement the methods you will learn.

Video Parenting Course

  Last but not least, a whole series of Effective Parenting Videos that every parent should have! The concepts, ideas, and techniques that experts have used for decades to create real change in struggling youth are laid out in an easy-to-understand format through this series of six Parenting Videos. See previews and content below!!!
Video Parenting Course (previews)

Getting Teens to Mind You
-Establishing Credibility
-Holding Strong To Saying "NO"
-Importance of follow-through
-How to use consequences effectively
Setting Better Boundaries
-Setting up Home Contract
-How to clearly define rules or expectations
-Effective Consequences
Using Effective Consequences
-Having an arsenal of Effective Consequences
-How to use Time Out
-How to use Essays
-Point Systems that work!
-Grounding your child
-Special Work Projects
Warning Signs
-Identify signs of drug use
-Identify signs of depression
-Identify signs of anger issues
-And much more...
Improving Rapport & Communications
-Keeping verbal communications positive, warm, nurturing
-Speak with actions when disobeyed, ignored, or disrespected
-How to avoid arguments
-Setup basic rules about communication
-Using the three C's
Getting Your Teen's Attention
-Letting your child know you're serious
-Here how other teens didn't take parents serious
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- Personal Parenting Coach

- Behavior Modification Software

- Video Parenting Course

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